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Dedicated to Flipping Red NY Seats Blue
Let's Send the Remaining NY GOP PAC-ing

PAC Your Bags is a Super PAC.  Well, we think we're pretty super, so that counts for something.  But we aren't professional political people, though we do love aliteration.  What we are is a group of normal, average folks that spent the last two years watching a bunch of awful people in government do an absolutely breathtaking number of jaw-droppingly shitty things.  We hit our breaking point.  We were done.  The time to talk was over.  The time to act had come.

We spent lots of time volunteering for the 2018 Midterms, but there's lots more work to be done.

Like many of you, we are still ready to act and realize that this is the beginning, not the end.  No more sitting on the sidelines - never again.  Our helmets are on and we're in the game now.  We helped to take it to a Congress that had enabled the most corrupt administration in our nation's history.  Now let's take it to the next level.


Explore the site to learn more about PAC Your Bags... or if you thought this little intro was witty enough to win your donation, just click the little button thingie below.

Join us.  Let's flip the rest of NY state blue.  And to those few GOPers that managed to barely hang on during the Blue Wave...  we hope your bags are PACked, because the race for 2020 has begun.

That's the last PAC pun, we promise.

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Who We Are

What Do We Believe?

We believe in free and fair elections, protected from outside interference, where every American of all backgrounds are encouraged to vote, and celebrated when they exercise their democratic right. 


We believe that access to basic health care for a nation's citizens is a human rights issue, and it is America's responsibility to live up to this standard for her citizens.


We believe that the free press (including the freedom not to like what they write) is an essential leg holding up our democracy and the physical and legal safety of journalists must be defended at all cost.


We believe that discrimination against those of other races, religions, sexual orientations, or other facets of diversity must be opposed, and that we must work toward its eradication. 


We believe in science, and that the evidence that climate change is a clear and present danger to not only the United States but humanity itself is irrefutable and we must act, decisively, now to arrest this threat.


We believe a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body is sacrosanct. 

We believe that tax cuts, when appropriate and fiscally responsible, should disproportionately benefit those most in need, not those with the most already. 

We believe that responsible gun ownership starts with common sense regulations around gun ownership and use, and that anyone who wholly opposes this concept demonstrates only that they are likely too irrational to own them. 

We believe that we are a country of immigrants, that they make us stronger as a nation, and that someone whose only illegal action is being in the United States in violation of immigration regulations should be treated with dignity and humanity. 


We believe that those who have lived in America for years as peaceful and hardworking members of our society should be given a path to obtaining the rights and protections of American citizenship.

We believe that America's allies are her allies and her antagonists are not, that the dividing line is fairly clear, and that we should treat each in a commensurate fashion. 

We believe there is more than unites us than divides us - but that right now, at this moment in history, there are not two political parties of equal moral value but slightly divergent approaches to governing, but rather one standing on the side of justice and another standing idly by and allowing evil to be done with its complicity and in its name. 

We believe that none of the above will be accomplished easily and indeed we will have to fight for it.  That fight has begun but is long from over.  We all watched from the sidelines for too long.  But no more.  Too much is at stake.  We believe - we know - we are ready to continue this fight. 

Join us.  Help us tell those that would oppose our platform above that their time is done.  That November wasa the end for some, and the beginning of the end for the rest.  Let us tell them in one voice:

PAC Your Bags. 

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Where to Find Us


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